Unpublished Research

Relevance with empty domains. Submited.

Abstract: We propose a modification of Magri’s relevance procedure in blind scalar implicatures.
We argue that mismatching scalar implicatures involving contextually empty domains are evidence
for a Meinongian understanding of natural language quantification which allows computations with
merely subsisting entities. We discuss that a recent alternative account of such cases based on
presuppositional exhaustification is unable to explain the observations as it is bound to overgenerate
oddness predictions.

Free choice in mathematics. Submitted, with Luca San Mauro

Abstract: Breaking with traditional antipragmatic assumptions, recent discussion inthis journal submits evidence for pragmatic inferences in mathematical language. The ob-servation is that the interpretation of crucial expressions, e.g., positive quantifiers, resultsfrom a truth-conditional enrichment of their literal meaning. While providing general in-sights into mathematical language, the authors unfortunately do not provide a clear andtestable linguistic analysis of the observed inference. However, in this contribution weprovide support to their informal proposal by presenting a formal reconstruction of the ob-served inference as a free choice implicature. In particular, we submit an algorithm basedon recursive exhaustification limited to domain alternatives that generates the desired read-ing under a natural assumption of homogeneity. Our argument is also based on indepen-dent and, to our knowledge, hitherto unnoticed evidence for free choice interpretations inmathematics